Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am in that solo space now. I was afraid of this space, this state, some months ago. I perceived it to be some kind of loneliness. A lonely journey into the forest, battling demons. But now I am here, the loneliness feels more like an aloneness, and it is quiet and calm and frankly, refreshing. Ahh, the joys of countless hours picking one's pimple in the studio as the clock ticks by....

But the aura of that soloness pervades the rest of my day. I particularly enjoy the ritual of warming up in class in the morning, knowing that I am prepapring for my own private journey and feeling somewhat privileged - the hero of my own quest being secretly anointed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Leaky Heaven Circus

I spent a week with Leaky Heaven Circus at Armstrong on the Caravan Theatre Farm. Or is it Caravan Farm Theatre? Either way, it was the countryside! And I'm not exactly made for the countryside! The dirt, the horse-poo, the mice....hmmm. But it was great. I made good things that I don't usually make. Such as, gadgets and machines. I did things I don't usually do. Such as, run naked in the woods looking for lace ribbons while a bear was at large. I learnt to get through the night with a mouse in my cabin while said bear lurked, possibly, outside. I saw a ghost.

I also thought about the relationship between the dance body and the clown body. The dance body is just not funny. And the clown, well, is sometimes funny as well as creepy. (The romantic Pierrot clown is just pathetic, really). But there is something about the authenticity of action that unites both. More on this after I've talked to the experts.

Here is a link to some picures from the farm courtesy of Lesley.

Friday, May 4, 2007

what the hell...

I made these dances for the street. I wanted to alter people's perception of time, their perception of space and their expectations of the ordinary. I wanted them to think "what the hell..?" I think I succeeded. I was amazed at how many people stopped and watched for a whole hour, sometimes more. I overheard people say, "what do you think is going on?" and staying and watching. And of course, there were crazy people who came up to the dancers and said things like, "Fuckers" (definitely), and "Are you crazy?" (yes, probably) .