Monday, June 18, 2007


I have a hangover.
I have cramps.
I am sleep-deprived.
And James is coming to watch my rehearsal today.

But I made a damn fine dinner last night for the board. Here's what I made:

Butterflied leg of lamb, barbecued with secret dry rub from the boys ("ciao") at Columbia meats.
Sauté of green beans.
Fennel baked in butter and vermouth.
Slow-roasted tomatoes.
Baked potatoes with pancetta.

I drank half a bottle of pinot blanc while cooking and then there were copious bottles of wine later. Joyce and Paul stayed till 1:30 am. We talked about food. And how context changes how you taste things. Drinking a brunello in Montalcino is an entirely different experience from drinking one here. One is the alchemy of the present moment. The other is the chemistry of nostalgia.

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