Friday, June 8, 2007

my brain folding and unfolding

I bumped into James at SOMA two days ago and as a bemused (slow-motion) smile passed his face I realised I was speaking really fast. And it was only my second cup of coffee that day.

I loved speaking french all week in Montréal. I love what that does to my brain. It has to go into overdrive. Looking for the right words. Folding itself into different shapes to get into the right state so that I am not translating. And then, even more exhilarating is to fall into the bilingual place. To switch from one language to another is like a folding and unfolding of my brain. Now and then, more often when I'm tired, I fall into a place of no-language. Sébastien helpfully suggests, say it in english (or did he say, dis-le en anglais?) But I lose that too. Then I become aware of the spaces in my body - the spaces between neurons firing, the spaces between joints, between fascia and muscle, between words, between action - and I am reminded of why I am a dancer.

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