Sunday, June 10, 2007

traces of one's dancing

Susan McKenzie's 50th birthday party last night. It was a surprise party. She fell backwards and sat on the floor at the door for quite a while. Junhong turned to me and said, if that happened to me ("that" being a surprise party), I would freak out and run away.

Watching images from her dancing days, I found myself longing to have seen that dancing. (That picture of the amazing arabesque line!!! Holy crap) Yet I have felt the power of that dancing. In the things that have been said by other people. The reverence with which it is spoken. Some weeks ago at the end of contact class, as we sat in a circle, Peter talked about how Susan McK would dance in one place but you would be watching the trace she had left behind in another place. The lesson was about hanging back in time, not anticipating the next moment, in order to leave a trace in space. I watched a group of people who didn't know Susan go, wow, as they imagined the magic of this ability.

And so this is where the legacy of dancing exists. In the transmission of wonder.

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