Monday, August 6, 2007

land of the free #3

It is a good thing that nature abhors symmetry.

My last day in Seattle:

I skipped class with Stephanie Skura and had a long and delicious breakfast by myself at Café Presse (thanks, Brian, for the introduction!) - baked eggs with ham and gruyère.

Later, I had equally delicious dances at the final jam. Goodbye dances with the handsome boy from day one (who turns out to be Blake from Iowa) the mountain woman from Montana (who turns out to be Jen); plus new dances with a whole slew of others. I taught Seattle how to make paper airplanes.

Sitting around in the circle, "harvesting", I was reminded of why I love dancers again. The simple joy of sharing a good dance can make you fall in love with strangers.

The greyhound on the way back to Vancouver was pleasantly uneventful. In a perverse impulse to test the laws of symmetry I HAD to buy a pepperoni stick at the duty-free shop. It did not taste like dogfood. But I did not finish it.

The moon, no longer full, was a wedge of apple (some people say peach, but I insist it was an apple) instead.

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