Sunday, August 12, 2007

love & pain

Today was my last class with Yang Shifu before I leave for France. My ankle was acting up so he gave me a leisurely massage, my foot on his lap for half an hour while we listen to David and Naman discuss details of the broadsword form. He lectures me on the importance of being still in order to move (I know, I know, already). He is affectionate though and it's not the lesson that's important here. Sometimes his thumb digs into very tender places and I yell and hit things around me in order to cope. He laughs and says, no, this is not pain, what is it? (I don't know what it is. But must reluctantly admit that it is, in fact, not pain. Maybe just fear)

Later, in an abberation from his usual business-minded self, he gives me a short tassel. Refuses any money for it.

He loves me. Despite myself, I love him too.

I am not looking forward to when he dies.

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