Tuesday, August 7, 2007

punci szag, not putzy sog

Apparently, Eva, when she was dancing with Trisha Brown, was performing "glacial decoy" and had forgotten to bring her underpants, so Vick, the other hungarian dancing in the company, offered her hers. Eva told her that she would be happy to wear them as long as she didn't mind her punci szag on them.

This reminds me of when May Lyn and I were in Teater Kanak-kanak, on tour with Si-Geroda to some small town like Batu Gajah. Arriving at the dormitory-like accomodations, late at night on the bus, one of us (we were 16?) discovered that our period had just arrived. The other one of us was at the tail end of our period. And in an act of girly friendship, we shared a used sanitary pad. I actually no longer have ANY IDEA who lent whom whose bloody sanitary pad...

But I will forever love May Lyn.

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