Wednesday, August 15, 2007


On Sunday, we watched the first Harry Potter film and squealed and marveled at how YOUNG everyone had been.

Earlier, Junhong had insisted on bringing out every photo album we had and looking through them. He marveled at himself as a baby. David and I marveled (and were shocked) at how young we had been when we first met.

Today David and I had dinner at Brix(what a fantastic winelist!) and celebrated our 21st anniversary (which is actually two days away but I shall be on a plane..), and marveled that part of the accumulation of a life together was, in fact, the accumulation of loss: the loss of youth, of a certain kind of love and desire. What we gain in its place, however, is the capacity to raise a glass (and two, and three) in celebration of that loss.

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