Saturday, September 15, 2007


I feel like crap.

Last night, after cooking and eating a fantastic dinner of grilled sirloin on baby arugula from the garden, fettucine tossed with pesto (made by Adrienne and David from basil from the garden), sautéed green beans (also from the garden) accompanied by the baux de provence I brought back, and finishing it all with the macaroons from Ladurée (ah..the squeals of delight from all. I felt like Prometheus bringing light!) ...I threw up everything.

My neck, which felt perfect all these weeks in France, had seized up earlier in the day.

The body, after 4 weeks in ascendance, open to stimulation in all aspects, can only go so far.

But there is a certain pleasure in giving in to the fall. Especially when I can fall into the embrace of my child, when I can fall into the quiet refuge of having coffee in bed with David, talking about everything from love to politics in Ancient Greece...

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