Sunday, September 2, 2007

la vie est belle

Yesterday, Éliane took us to the market - me, Stephen and Tonja. We bought rabbit, amongst other things. I bought a Laguiole jack-knife.

At around lunchtime, Jacques Blanc came over for a casual visit. Following a collectively impulse to see the ocean, we then piled into a car and followed him to Conquet, where his house overlooks the body of water that is between the Channel and the Atlantic. We swam in the cold sea. I screamed into the universe as I entered the water. But then it was beautifully green and clear. Looking back at the beach from the water, I felt, for a moment, third beach, pulau perhentian and conquet all become one in my body. An odd sense of being at home.

We spent a few hours on the beach. I sat on a rock and modelled for Yannick's photographic efforts.

Then we went back to Jacques' house where we had tea accompanied by biscuits and ice-cream, all the while starring blissfully out at the ocean.

That night we welcomed Robert, who was arriving from New York, with an epic plate of cheeses and paté from the market. I cooked the rabbit with olives and anchovies, served with roasted vegetables. Stephen steamed the artichokes and served them with herbed butter. As for dessert, Tonja served us, with cream, honey and hazelnuts, the blueberries that she had collected the previous day in Sweden.

Later, as I was going to bed after watching A Chinese Ghost Story (I realised that it could be a metaphor for an intercultural long-distance relationship), I found a text-message from S. that made the day perfect.

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