Tuesday, September 11, 2007

long-lost love #2

Today I went on a date with Paris. Without nostalgia for an old relationship. Just a curiosity about the present.

So I wandered through Le Marais, a quartier I have never really known, looking at snooty galleries with Laetitia, wrinkling our noses at cold art. Then, while looking at a couple of clothing stores, I was seduced by a dress. Later, after Laetitia left, I found a small "bar à vins d'auteurs" and let the owner bring me recommendations while I ate a dinner of salade des lentilles and foie de veau aux girolles. The salad was very good. The calf's liver, though very good, did not really go with the chanterelles nor the figs that garnished the plate, à mon avis, but the wines were delicious. I drank a bordeaux, then a côtes du rhone, then a fancy thing from the provence. The owner made a drawing of me and gave it to me. I think I charmed him. (I am very aware of how charming I am at the moment..)

On the way to the metro, I had to pick my way through an army of drunk Scottish rugby fans in kilts. I was both amused and afeart for my life..

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