Monday, September 10, 2007

lari leong/traces of one's dancing #2

Yesterday, working on the film about Lari, felt like we were trying to reconstitute the man by articulating all the different bits and pieces he had left within us. I realised, after watching the 12 minutes of archival stuff Marc showed us, that I had forgotten how fluid Lari was. How stunningly beautiful. Christophe mentioned the word non-effort. Later, listening to Marc tell us the story of how Lari got to Paris via London via Hong Kong - a young Asian man in the late sixties, arriving in dance via movies, via fashion - I was struck by how little I knew of Lari. I never knew these things about him. All I knew was what I wanted in him - that fluidity, that effortlessness in the ability to glide through the elements, passing from one matter to another.

And I was amazed at how much we can be marked by someone we have never really known. Someone who, through an accident of timing and history, never managed, despite a certain brilliance, to emerge out of the relative obscurity of having been exoticised.

I feel I must now reconsider my insistence that in order to have an effect on the world, one must find ways to be free of the objectification that comes with being exotic...

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