Tuesday, October 16, 2007

citizenship #2

A few weeks ago I received a summons from the sherrif's office to report for jury duty. This is the second time I have been so summoned in my 7 years as citizen of this country. Despite my pride (indeed!) at being asked to partake in this duty of citizenry, this is also the second time I have asked to be excused, each time writing long eloquent letters about how it would cause not only financial hardship but would disrupt the programming of many organizations around me.

Today I received a letter from the sherrif (I can't help but picture a guy with a cowboy hat, a star on his breast, a gun and pointy boots...)saying

Dear Su-Feh Lee,
You have requested to be excused from jury duty.
You are excused.

Aah..such simplicity of words.

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Adrienne said...

I've never been called up for jury duty.