Tuesday, October 9, 2007

scanning for an orgasm

In Body-Scan, we are proposing a body that is in constant re-organisation so that it can receive and transmit without lacerating itself. This requires a practice of listening intently and responding to EVERYTHING, being ready to let go of desire, of goals, being open to change. So that your perception of yourself can change and be fluid. So that YOU can change and be fluid.

Today, while working with Benoît and Tonja, I wondered, only half-jokingly, if this meant that I would not be able to have an orgasm while working on this project. Because to have an orgasm is often to close off certain sensations while concentrating on following one or a few to the end.

Benoît suggested that it was a whole bunch of little pleasures. A tantric experience.
All well and good, but as someone has said, sometimes life is too short for tantric sex.

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