Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the artist and the audience

Sometimes (more often than you wish, actually) you sit in the audience and see them go crazy over something you, well, hate. And you think, why would I want to make work for them? Because you want to give your gift to someone you love. How then to love an audience that you think is stupid?

Conversely, sometimes (more often than you wish) while sitting in an audience you think the artist is stupid. How then to receive a gift from someone you think is stupid?

Thus we discover the myriad ways in which our bodies harden, our minds harden. If we do not use our values - what we like, what don't like, what we think clever, what we think stupid - as markers of our identity who are we? Who is this fluid self? How do we avoid being annihilated by other people's rigidity, how do we avoid being annihilated by our own rigidity?

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