Monday, November 12, 2007

how to give without expecting anything in return #4

I am having a bit of crisis in my faith that this is possible. A snag in my quest.

The other day, in class, we were working on giving. Making sure the gift had been received before you move on to the next thing (of taking nourishment from the earth and the sky, and creating more gifts to give away). I noticed in myself a tendency to take back the gift. Not really give it away. Someone in class said that sometimes when the gift came back to you it was a shock to the system.

I said, that the flip side of giving was to receive. It seems that it is hard to truly receive. Without judgement. Without mistrust.

Is it possible to love if one is not loved back?
Or is it enough that the gift is received?
But to receive seems to be such a difficult thing, how then to give so that the gift is light?

It all seems impossible.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

how? id like to know too...

could you please email me the answer when you find out?

to give without expecting anything... its truely impossible for me...

and to recieve without suspision... how?

thanks in advance