Friday, December 7, 2007

dancing together

I am in Victoria, in residency - the second - for the creation of Body-Scan. This week, Benoît and I have been working on finding a way to dance together. It occurs to me that this whole piece is about us trying to find a dance together: how do we arrange these dancers around us, between us, so that we can find a dance that satisfies. How do we arrange our ideas, politics, aesthetics in and amongst ourselves so that we can dance together honestly and intimately.

On New Year's Eve, I shall be in Paris with Sébastien, just being. Aah, I said, ce serait comme un laboratoire. Researching what it means to be. Non, he said, pour ça il y a l'art, je te parle de la vie. I realise I have no idea what that means.

Today I taught a class about observing our failures and yielding to them without feeling the need to fix them. It was a good class. Then, in rehearsal, Benoît and I had a dance that was was unlike any dance I have had with anyone. Everyone said it looked great. Benoît said it felt delicious to him. It was so unknown to me I did not even know if it felt good to me.

My edges dissolve and I become formless.

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