Tuesday, December 18, 2007

holding space

Today Lisa, the massage therapist joined us in our rehearsal and she taught us how to touch without wanting to affect. To touch in order to be. One just has to be available to the opening for touch and then to hold the space, to hold the field and be available for the exit.

Part of the artistic quest in Body-Scan for Benoît and me is how to insert the art action into the art object. How to affect people's bodies through the framework of a proscenium experience. The epiphany for me today is that in fact, in order to insert the action, one must relinquish one's desire to act. The force of action only creates calcification and hardening of the mind and body. In order for motion to be released, one only has to observe and listen to the field, as defined by more than one point in space.

I think I am beginning to understand this in terms of la vie as well as l'art.

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