Thursday, January 3, 2008


Looking for advice from teachers much wiser than me, I found these in my notes:

Shame often comes before desire and desire before sorrow.

If art is for worship is it for sale?
If an artist refuses to sell the choice is obscurity
“The only problem with failure is that not everyone
wishes you well, the only problem with success is the

We lie for a living – we learn to lie so well that people want to watch us lie for money.We train ourselves to know when we lie and when we do not.

Because of our nature (aspirations etc) we try and stop the wheel of transformation. As artists we need to learn transformation – no matter how much we love our anger: anger will transform into forgiveness, beauty will transform into horror.

Art imports immortality into a mortal life. Artists converse with immortality.

There is none but you
But alas no one can see you
the eyes are blind
even though the world be lighted by a brilliant sun
should I catch
even a glimpse of you
I would lose my wits
and if I should see you completely
I would lose myself

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