Monday, February 11, 2008


I have many secret (I guess now, not so secret) titles for the piece. Such as,
"We are Men and Women from the New World, Can You Handle It?"
Also, secret slogans for the merchandising efforts:
"S(h)way the feng"
"Gong the qi"
"Scan the Body"

Today, the secret title is, "I disagree with you, George Skalkogiannis"

George, out of one of his little pieces of paper that he carried in his wallet, would say that a conversation wasn't a conversation if there wasn't a promise or an agreement (or in George's case, a contract) made at the end of it.

Today, it occurred to us that what we are proposing is that a conversation is just being together, with need for neither a subject nor a promise. Also, how do we speak with all whole beings, not just with our hard heads.

Difficult to do in real life. As usual. Art is so much easier than real life.


Adriana said...

art is easier than real life. i am trying to look at the whole being now of my former beloved and learn to make art with him. the art is easy, it is the process of communicating and being that is so hard. but can art happen without these processes? probably not.
su-feh, i am thoroughly enjoying your musings on life, art, good food, and dog poo.

Anonymous said...

Frankly its about time... !!!xxooGeorge P.S. any paper that comes out of my wallet .. says nothing.. the paper is used as to create a dramatic affect

sufeh said...

Pieces of paper coming out of your wallet for dramatic effect...the things I learn from you, George!!!

Yes, it is all about time. I am interested in the contract between the public and the artist - the contract to spend an hour, an hour and a half together in order to get a glimpse into timelessness and infinity.