Saturday, February 23, 2008


This morning I made the mistake of watching videos of Body-Scan runs and was filled with self-loathing. Even a session of ashtanga practice could not get rid of the bitterness and anger at not being able to dance.

I confided this to Benoît and he said, are you crazy??

As opening night approaches, it becomes harder and harder to ascertain what is real, what is not.


Adriana Bucz said...

su-feh, you are the most beautiful dancer i have ever seen.
and, most certainly, quite crazy.

sufeh said...

Thank you Adriana. Very kind of you. And I will very happily accept your reassurances.

Adriana Bucz said...

But it's all true. I remember the first time I had the pleasure of seeing you onstage - in Spektator, and I was at a point where I was not sure I would continue in theatre (it was theatre versus paleontology). And I saw you onstage and was so completely mesmerized. I remember walking up to kugler after the performance and saying "For this, I will stay in the arts."

sufeh said...

wow. I'm glad you stayed in the arts. I feel much better today and I think I will kick ass next week when we open and when my solo opens.