Tuesday, February 19, 2008

french men and women

I have trouble remembering the gender of bottles and glasses. My logic tells me that a bottle, being phallic and from which liquids are poured out, should be masculine but it is in fact, une bouteille. A glass, accordingly, should be feminine because it is a receptacle into which the liquids of the bouteille are poured into. Yet, it is un verre.

OK, so maybe I have a one track mind.

Nevertheless, it is completely illogical that a vagina is masculine - un vagin. I discovered this after saying ma vagine in class or in rehearsal and got the most quizzical looks in return.

In any case, I am now dancing naked in front of strangers with my finger in my vagina. Scanning the curves of my cunt while riding the curves of space with my imperfect body

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