Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bretagne, aah....

Today, after spending three hours in bed watching the sun come in through my window while listening to Le Peuple de L'herbe (Stephen Thompson says I have the musical tastes of a teenage boy), I went to the market with Éliane and bought flowers for my room.

Later, Éliane came over and we made Kig Ar Farz for dinner. While it was cooking, she drove us to Argenton (I think that's what it's called. I have a memory of exactly 2 seconds when it comes to names of places here) to look at the sea at sunset because Jesse who is leaving tomorrow, had not seen the ocean since he got here a week ago, ensconced as he was in a dark theatre with the rest of us while the sun shone magnificently outside.

We drove home through a bunch of way-too-charming villages to eat the Kig Ar Farz, which is essentially a pot-au-feu with a giant buckwheat dumpling cooked in a cheesecloth bag. Very exotic. Very delicious. I think I might have a heart attack tonight though.

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