Saturday, March 29, 2008

in-between #2

Amidst the week of performances at the Antipodes, 2 things remain with me clearly:

I remember Benoît, behind the screen waiting for his cue to start the third section of Body-Scan. In that moment, he is not the artist, not the choreographer, the teacher - he is just a dancer, listening to the moment to which he is serving. I remember the alertness in his body, the surrender to his task.

I remember lying on the floor of the studio de danse, after all the performances of Body-Scan, coping with a cold, preparing for my last performance of The Whole Beast, exhausted and barely conscious, being watched silently by Jocelyn, Yves, Pauline, Aude, James and David. Feeling their quiet and calm holding me while I searched for the dance left in me.

These are the sacred moments of dance.

Pictures by Annabel Vergne.

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