Monday, March 24, 2008


When I finally got to speak, I responded to a question about limits - what can be shown, what cannot, what ought to be shown, what ought not. I said that there was the limitation of our body - that governed by the laws of physics, by gravity, by the limits of our bone and tissue. Then there was the limitation of the Other - when this body met another - either a lover, another artist or the audience - and their regard, their expectations. I said that in between these two limits was where the research was: that in the negotiation between these two limitations there is space and emptiness, where we could be free.

People with white guilt ask me why I don't speak chinese in the piece. Or Malay.
When I say I have lost them, they don't really get it.

My solo: somewhere between the french language, the english language, the dance language and the longing for forgotten languages is where I am free.

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