Saturday, March 22, 2008

My adventures at Les Antipodes #3 - my solo and les techniciens

The first few times I ran the solo in the space, I thought the technicians hated it. They kept looking at the creases in the cyclorama that they were trying to fix. They looked at everything but me it seemed. Once, after a run during which I desperately wanted their approval, I had to succumb to secret tears and be comforted by a circle of James, Junhong and David. I felt if the French technicians hated it, all of France would also hate it.

But later, when I told Yves that I had made changes and taken some of the music out, he looked griefstricken and spent half an hour telling me how much he loved it and was blown away.

And in one of the performances, I looked up and saw Jocelyn, watching wide-eyed with his hand in his mouth, and for that performance, he became my beloved to whom I could offer up my efforts.

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