Saturday, March 22, 2008

My adventures at Les Antipodes #5 - the odd compliments

At the forum on the erotic and the pornographic, this man thanked the creators of Body-Scan for showing a nudity that made him feel good because it was a nudity of well, imperfect bodies. (I thought, whaddaya mean "imperfect"?)

Later, Bruno the painter, friend of Oscarine the poet, my new friend, noticed that I was the only one who, in my nakedness, walked gauchement and how beautiful it was. (I thought, whaddaya mean gauchement?)

At the end of my workshop in the second week, Rosalie, (who was one of maybe 5 Asian people I saw in all of Brest if you did not count the massive Chinese dance troupe that performed a silk road extravaganza to a standing ovation and again, Jacques Blanc with his head in his hands) thanked me for being naked and daring to show my not-very elastic-Asian skin, my stretched marked post-pregnancy belly in Body-Scan. (I thought, whaddaya mean, you noticed??)

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