Saturday, March 22, 2008

My adventures at Les Antipodes #6 - why I felt like a loser

Well, first there was the picture of Ziyian instead of me in Les Inrockuptibles - the case of interchangeable Asian women.

Then they forgot to put my name as co-creator on the poster of Body-Scan (and for that matter, where were the posters of The Whole Beast?) which they later fixed with a cut & paste job.

There was also, in the lobby, no sign leading to The Whole Beast in the Studio de Danse but signs leading to other shows in the Studio de Danse.

And then the repeated references to Body-Scan as Benoît's piece.

And finally, at the forum, as if to underline my growing sense of invisibility, I had to hold my hand up a long time before I barged in.

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