Thursday, April 3, 2008

here but not here

I am happy to be back in my own bed, amongst my own things, to look out the window and see the familiar outline of the saskatoon berry tree against the sunrise in the mornings. But to go out and meet the rest of the world - to take a class, to see a performance, to even get a haircut - takes a bit more effort.

Yesterday I practised bagua for two hours, intent of some kind of self-annihilation. Instead I am now constantly reminded, with each step, that my legs exist.


Rayann Gordon said...

As far as shows go, the Troika Ranch collaboration 'Touched' at SFU this weekend has had the most smoothing effect on my existence in this environment out of any show I have seen in quite some time.

My experience of it was a universal candy store, cosmic drawing together kindof thing that put my location back into me and less into my computer, bus, chair, sidewalk.

Also I did enjoy the dancers sharing the space with robots.


sufeh said...

dancers, candy, robots...hmmm..