Tuesday, April 1, 2008

language and the other

I was talking to ML the other day - did we speak for an hour long-distance? - about language, what is mine, what is not, how it changes depending on who I am speaking to. She said something to the effect of, speak the way you want to speak lah. Tant pis pour les autres. But it's not so easy, my friend. Already, as I head into my second week back in Vancouver, I feel my language, my thought process change. The joy of drifting between plusieurs langues is replaced by the compulsion to speak in one language, to complete my sentences in the same language I started in. This, too, can be joyous I realise. Not unlike the joy of my body submitting to the rigour of yoga or bagua. But when I practise yoga or bagua, the Other as represented by the form is the continuum of teachers and practitioners past and future. When I speak, the Other is in the present.

This is an unfinished thought. More later. Maybe.

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