Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Pascale is the woman who runs the Kelig, a, as Antonija puts it, David Lynchian hotel in Brest. I wanted to have a picture of Pascale in her tea room - orange gauze curtains, high heeled sandals, leopard-print something in the corner of my vision somewhere. Instead, courtesy of Junhong, I have a picture of her car.

Pascale dreams of spending half her year in Brest, the other half in Senegal.

One morning over breakfast, we talked about passion and curiosity. She admitted happily that she was not driven by passion but by her curiosity. La passion me fait peur, she said. Mais j'ai ma curiosité.

I used to think a life without passion was half a life. Did not understand it. But I think now that within curiosity is compassion, which is, perhaps, more important.

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