Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So You Think You Don't Folk Dance - thievery

I wanted us to talk about art as an act of stealing.

Zab (my heroine) said, why must we "steal"?

I said, (after having to think about it for 10 minutes) that in a world driven by words like "the marketplace", "buying", "selling", "ownership", it was a political choice to use the word "steal". If I want to believe that art is an offering, a circulation of gifts as opposed to the buying and selling of commodity, then the only way I could subvert this society was to think of artmaking as stealing and regifting.

Later I saw a dance performance during which I thought, if we are going to steal, we must make sure that we have stolen the flame, not just the wrapping paper.

And like Prometheus, we must be ready to pay for it with our livers.

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