Friday, May 30, 2008

Wagner and orgasms

I was talking about Body-Scan and The Whole Beast to Marc Olive and Amandine while in Brussels. I was talking about le lenteur, the slowness as something that had to be installed, to be experienced, to withstand, to submit to, so that a transformation could happen.

Marc said, like Wagner.

Non, non, non, I said, (arrogantly, because I really don't know Wagner) don't talk to me about Wagner. I hate Wagner. German opera - all that recitative. Mon dieu, c'est insupportable. (Amandine, at this point, raised her eyebrows and said, il ne faut pas dire ça, scolding me for wanting people to be open to my work, yet making sweeping dismissive statements about other work and artists..yes, yes, yes, mea culpa mea culpa)

Of course, it turnes out Marc loves Wagner. He talked of sitting in a chair and listening to Wagner and how this was like having an orgasm.

So maybe now I have to listen to a bunch of Wagner to find out if it is a male orgasm or a female orgasm. (First Beckett, now Wagner...oh god)

Because, really, the idea of admitting that the structure of my work is akin to Wagner 's is just too irritating.

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