Saturday, June 14, 2008

6 o'clock in the evening

Yesterday, Adrienne came over to lie on the floor before going to do her last few shows at Hive. She fell asleep while Junhong and I watched an episode of Top Gear on youtube. Meanwhile David got ready for his gig at Christchurch Cathedral during which he would sing "I want to live in your cunt, forever to be your howling runt", while lying on the altar. While David gargled salt water and Adrienne snacked on left-over ribeye steak and chunks of parmiggiano, I heated up the rabbit stew and sautéed red peppers and snap peas with garlic in olive oil. After David had left in a nervous but nice-looking bundle, Adrienne, Junhong and I ate the rabbit accompanied by a primitivo that the guy at the Marquis recommended (very pruney). After the rabbit was eaten, Junhong and I sent Adrienne off to make art with a hug.

Later I fell asleep at 9pm, as I have been doing for the last few weeks, exhausted, from not making any art.

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