Saturday, June 14, 2008


The other day, while walking Junhong home from school, along Main Street in Chinatown, I saw Bill Richardson waiting to cross the street.

My first thought was, my, what a handsome man.
Then, oh, it's Bill Richardson.
Then I caught a glimpse of his satchel and thought I saw, "The White Nation of Canada".
As I got closer I realised with a slight tinge of disappointment that it actually said, "The Writers' Association of Canada".
Cheerfully, I said, "Hey Bill, I thought your bag said 'The White Nation of Canada'!"
At that moment the traffic light turned green and he crossed the street, walking away from me, laughing. Maybe a little nervously, I thought.

I told this story to Caroline Liffman (who is Jewish from Winnipeg, Manitoba) who then told me the story of her brother, who went recently to midnight mass for the first time in his life with a friend and thought he was singing about "Mary most gentile".

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