Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ris de veau

While he was in France recently, Junhong discovered that he loved sweetbreads (Yes! he is MY son!).

Today, while we were having a dinner of lamb and sage sausages accompanied by asparagus, he said, let's have sweetbreads for dinner tomorrow.

So I pulled out my copy of Elizabeth David's French Provincial Cooking and read to him the chapter on sweetbreads. Even before we got to a single recipe, he said, we haven't got to the recipe and we've already spent 5 days preparing!


All the soaking
the changing of water
the taking care to maintain the integrity of the thin membrane
the weighing down of the glands
the gentle poaching in stock that is barely murmuring
the careful sautéeing (They must be the palest gold, but not brown)

It's all quite intimidating. It's positively Catholic.

But I think that I cannot possibly die a happy woman until I have cooked sweetbreads. Maybe this can be my goal this year.

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