Friday, June 20, 2008

why do women dance like they have no vaginas?

I went to see Junhong's tap recital last night. Every year I am struck at how differently the boys are taught from the girls. And every year I am filled with relief that I do not have a daughter who might want to be a dancer. The boys dance from the pelvis. The girls dance with their upper bodies. Is this necessary? No. Is this structurally sound? No. Because the centre of your body is your pelvis. One might argue that when you are a full-grown woman and have breasts, it might be a physical necessity to dance with the awareness of their mass, weight and erotic possibilties. But a 6 year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy do not differ very much in their upper bodies. They both, however, have pelvises. And their pelvises contain their sexual organs.

It is disturbing that a girl's sexuality gets distorted at such a young age when her vagina gets taken away from her.

And then she grows up to become a dance object longing for our approval as we fall asleep in our seats.

Dance is an action, not an object.
You cannot act if you do not know how to dance from your cunt.

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icarusblu said...

appreciate your insight and opinion. My girlfriends and I, in our younger days, when we frequented parties held at friends' places would often observe and comment on people gyrating on the dance floor. We observed that those who were confident of their sexuality moved fluidly,were aware of their bodies and proud of it and were a pleasure to watch. Those who did not seem to hold their bodies or sexuality in high esteem were like jointed puppets jerking themselves around.NOT the kind of person we wanted to dance with!!