Monday, September 22, 2008

how to give without asking for anything in return #5

Here is a recipe for giving without asking for anything in return:

1. Give to someone who can receive without suspicion
2. Give from a place of structural integrity: your throat soft, the crown of your head open to the sky, your heart chakra open, your perineum connected to your heart, your feet connecting you to the earth, your orifices open.
3. The receiver receives from a place of structural integrity. Ditto ditto, ditto, ditto.
4. Let go once you have given so that tension does not mask sensation, so that your body can find the earth, so that energy fills you up again and there is more to give. You are rich! No need to hang on!
5. Repeat, repeat, repeat.


Anonymous said...

Hi again.

Im not aware of many of the terms you have used here.

What does this mean?:
crown of head open to the sky?
perineum connected to your heart?
Feet connecting you to the earth?

If you would tell me yourself, or send me links to helpful site, that would really make my day

thanks you very much ^^~

sufeh said...

These are some of the idea I talk about when I teach dance. They are ideas that I have distilled from Qigong and other experiments. Essentially, they have to do with the alignment of your body and mind with the energies of the universe - the body as a conduit between heaven and earth; the lining up of your perineum to your heart to your throat to the crown of head so that there is the possibility of an uninterrupted flow of energy from the earth to the sky, from the sky to the earth, through your body. Please feel free to ask more questions. Are you a dancer?