Friday, September 19, 2008

my young man and me

Last weekend, I came home in the morning with a new acquisition on my skin. A brand. Scarification to seal in a moment that counts.

I showed it to Junhong.
He was not impressed. He went into the bathroom and talked to himself for an hour before coming out with his water uzi and pointed it at me. He said it was ugly and stupid. Would it come off with soap? With bleach? With scrubbing? There were tears. Despite his announcement that he would not leave the house until the brand was healed, and only after he had made me change my clothes, we went out and bonded over junk food, ice-cream and the ogling of ipods. Afterwards, he conceded that it would have been better if the arrow had been neater and I should take more time next time.

Today I walked Junhong to school. I forgot to leave him at the corner two blocks away and walked with him all the way to school, closer to the possible gaze of his peers. Instead of a kiss, we high-fived each other.

And so, we each take a step towards our own autonomous bodies.

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