Friday, October 10, 2008


Yesterday, I overdid it. I did 2 hours of bagua in the morning. Then a monastic lunch of chicken broth with vegetables. Then an ashtanga practice BEFORE opening night of a 60-minute solo. WAS I OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND????

Today, I woke up in the arms of my beloved.
I came home and went to bed for a few hours.
Then I ate left over fatty charcuterie.
David has just returned from The British Butcher Shoppe with a couple of meatpies and a scotch egg and I am going to eat those too.

While waiting for them to heat up, over a glass of spanish tempranillo-cabernet sauvignon blend, I am watching the nailbiting final episode of Master Chef: The Professionals wherein 3 young men from the British Isles duke it out with their culinary skills to win the title of the next big culinary star of the UK. (The young men - ernest, sporting incomprehensible accents and very prone to blushing when happy and when disappointed - make compelling watching. Plus I have a HUGE boner for Michel Roux Jr., one of the judges and apparently a culinary legend)

Tonight, Yang Shifu is coming to the show.


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