Wednesday, November 25, 2009

clowns and terrorism

I was talking to Steven Hill the other day.
He said, the clown breaks rules and is always political.
I said, what is the difference between a clown and a terrorist?
He said, the clown wants your love.


Antares said...

And the clown always get it too. But, then, why would anyone choose to be a terrorist instead of a clown? Probably because it takes talent and real intelligence to be a good clown. To be a successful terrorist one needs to be a bit of a zombie.

sufeh said...

Good point about the zombie, Antares. Sometimes in my life as an artist I feel like a terrorist. And various people have, albeit with some kind of fondness, called me a terrorist. Which was what led me to the question of what the difference was between clowns and terrorists.
I want to be a clown. But I am not sure I want to be loved no matter what. Or maybe that is a lie.