Saturday, March 31, 2012

Conversation over Butter Chicken Pizza

I made, for Junhong's pre-yoyo lunch, a pizza from last night's dinner of Butter Chicken and Aloo Matar (peas and potatoes). A butter chicken pizza is standard left-over lunch chez nous. But this time, because it was there and because I was inspired by potato toppings on pizzas,  I decided to add the aloo matar.
On store-bought naan, I smeared the mushed up aloo matar. I topped this with some torn-up butter chicken with just enough sauce to moisten the whole thing.
Then, some goat gouda.
In the oven, the butter from the aloo matar and butter chicken oozed out and coated the edges of the naan, turning it slightly crispy with a nutty buttery flavour. The goat gouda melted and bubbled. The whole thing was crispy, moist and gooey all at the same time.

Junhong, however, was not impressed. The aloo matar distracted from the butter chicken, his all-time favourite thing.
"But you're still a great cook", he assured me.
I tried it and insisted, "This is good enough to be in any restaurant!"
"Just because it is in a restaurant doesn't mean it is any good", he argued.
"Good point." I conceded.
"But just because I don't like it, doesn't mean it ISN'T good." Words to comfort me.

I gave him some money to buy food from the mall. In return, he looked at the Top Worst Album Covers of all time with me. Then he left, but not before leaving a few kisses on my cheek and saying that in his experience, I was the best mother in the world.

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