Wednesday, September 12, 2012

archiving: thoughts

I must admit, I have always had a cavalier attitude to archiving. I thought, if your body doesn't remember it, it doesn't deserve to be remembered. I find the idea of remounts and the notion of "legacy" difficult to reconcile with the beauty of impermanence that is inherent in dance.

But this archiving exercise (sometimes seemingly futile in the face of unreliable technology - harddrives crash almost as quickly as you can put stuff on them) has made me realize that time is an important lens through which to observe oneself, one's work.

I recently watched myself dance in the 2005 premiere of [storm], a version that I had been dismissive of, a version that had merely been, in my eyes, a stopgap measure while I waited to make the Holy Grail of an all-male version (a version that would take another 2 years to make). I watched it again and this time, vision unclouded by longing,  thought to myself, "Damn, that was good dancing".

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