Sunday, October 28, 2012

dance like dying salmon

Speaking of death, about a week ago, Jason took me, Amélie and Guillaume to see salmon spawning in the Coquitlam River.

I marvelled at the lessons that could be learnt from the salmon fucking and dying.
That painstaking dance of waiting, adjusting, negotiating between the elements, other fish and the inexorable drive of their dying horny bodies.

The stillness of waiting in quiet pools, listening to openings in the water.
The sudden, swift darting from one part of the river to the next.
The work ethic! Digging up the river bed to create perfect places for their eggs and sperm on the way to meeting the love of their lives.

All this, amid a holocaust of dead and dying bodies.

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Adriana Bucz said...

Inhale, exhale
Forward, back
Living, dying:
Arrows, let flown each to
Meet midway and slice
The void in aimless flight
Thus I return to the

- Gesshu Soko, written moments before his death at age 79.