Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to be a tiger

I am reading The Tiger by John Vaillant : "A true story of vengeance and survival" about a man-eating Siberian tiger in Russia's Far East.

While feverishly turning the pages, I stumbled upon a passage that made me think about dancing.

"Clark Barrett, a professor in the anthropology department at UCLA and an expert on predator-prey dynamics, describes the deer's advantage as the anywhere but here principle: all a prey animal needs to do is be anywhere the predator isn't - it doesn't matter if it's a foot away, or a hemisphere - and it will live another day. The predator, on the other hand, must be exactly where its prey is, and at exactly the same moment, or it will starve. Thus, for a predator, mastery of both time and space - in addition to  thorough understanding of terrain and prey behaviour - are crucial."

I love that.

I would like to think of the dancer as predator,
master of time and space,
to be exactly where the audience is, and at exactly the same moment.

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