Saturday, May 28, 2016

dancing in the master's house

If you dance in the master's house in order to take it down, you must think about the tools at your disposal. You must think about the walls in the house as well as the walls in the bodies; and how you are going to dismantle them.

The tools at your disposal are vectors and vortexes that you create out of bodies in space and time. Your materials are your body and all the bodies in the house. How do you free these bodies? You dance. But what does it mean to dance towards freedom? Marten Spangberg, in this talk says that one of the functions of dance is to lose yourself. I think there is something in this.
(And suddenly I am thinking of the dancer as terrorist. You annihilate yourself in order to annihilate the container of oppression)
There is something in rhythm, repetition, duration, phrasing, silences, suspension.
There is something in making time disappear.

And if you dance in the master's house without wanting to take it down, what the fuck are you doing? Why are you dancing?

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