Monday, May 23, 2016

the whip

The whip is my new teacher.
The first time I tried it, in the basement of a man who gave flogging and whipping workshops, it drove me crazy. I had a temper tantrum because it would not obey me. Wicked-D gently took it out of my hand and said, "That's enough for today". I went on with my life and concentrated on other implements to master. But a few months ago, after having fantasized about it for a number of months, I bought myself a whip - a paracord one, thinking that the only way to know if I would enjoy it would be really just to keep practising. And the only way to practise was to actually own one. Also, I needed to focus on acquiring a new skill as a way to cope with the emotional turmoil around my life.

I learned that the whip requires the dissolving of your will. That it demands a fluidity in your mind and body even as the earth holds you unconditionally. That the only way to reach the end of the whip is to connect your spirit to the spirit of the whip. And what a spirit it is - a great force hiding in the softness, to be unleashed only through a gentle flick of the wrist executed at just the right time. One has to listen to the moment where the force of the earth moves through your spine, into the arm and into the whip, through a complex set of articulations. Then the fall towards gravity. Letting it fall. Allowing the fall.
Allowing for softness.
Allowing for nothing.
In your mind, you hold the certainty of the earth beneath you, the clarity of your target and the awareness of a point on your whip that is a few centimetres before the cracker. And when everything lines up, the flick of the wrist brings it all together in a delicious crack of connection.

A few weeks ago, I bought a leather whip from a wonderful woman who taught me how to love with the whip. To connect your heart to the heart of your target. To connect the rhythms of your rocking pelvis, your breath, your beating heart to the rhythms of another through the sinewy undulations of the single tail. A new way of dancing. A new way of loving.

And thus, whip in hand, I am on a journey of dancing and loving with abundance and generosity.

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